Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congrats to Kevin Lamoureux

Persistence pays off I suppose. Or not having Jack Layton hovering behind you in all of your posters and campaign literature like a creepy Lenin. Seriously though, Stupidest thing I read was in the Winnipeg Sun where they actually thought the Conservatives had a chance. Stupidest thing I read all day. I like to think Filipinos aren't so myopic that they only vote along ethnic lines. The Winnipeg Sun thought otherwise. The woman was a complete non entity. Did she even do any campaigning? The only sad thing is she still managed to come ahead of all of the others like the greens and the pirate party.

Results Yoinked from Wikipedia (Cause there sure as hell wasn't anything to yoink from any media articles):

Liberal Kevin Lamoureux 7,306 46.3
New Democrat Kevin Chief 6,508 41.2
Conservative Julie Javier 1,645 10.4
Green John Harvie 115 0.7
Pirate Jeff Coleman 93 0.6
Communist Frank Komarniski 71 0.4
Christian Heritage Eric Truijen 45 0.3
Total valid votes 15,783

Anyways, there you go. Ignatieff can pretend this means something, Conservatives never had a chance there and they obviously knew it. What the hell, Winnipeg Sun? What the hell. Idiots.

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