Monday, November 15, 2010


I wish I could say I was surprised at the 6 (so far) Canadian deaths from a gas explosion in Mexico at a resort, but I'm not. That one of the deaths was a 9 year old kid is sad, but again, I'm not surprised in the least. A 2 Year old child was also injured (his grandmother died).. The way I've seen it for a few years now.. If you're Canadian and going to Mexico, you will die. That's how I look at it, odds be damned. If I won tickets to Mexico, I wouldn't go. I wouldn't give it to family. I'd feel horrible giving them away to anyone out there. Sorry, but I can't think of a reason to go there. Even Winnipeg is safer.


cherenkov said...

I'll take them.

Reed Solomon said...

If I ever win tickets to Mexico, they're yours.

Gustav Nelson said...

Six people die out of thousands that travel to Mexico and you're never going to travel there again??

That's not very rational now is it???

Reed Solomon said...

More than 6 Canadians have died in the last few months for varying reasons. I wouldn't go there mostly because of the drug war spilling over, massive corruption, and I've never cared for the place.

Gustav Nelson said...

True, the number sits around 20-30, but still, amongst thousands. That is still less than 1%.

If you don't like the place, fine, but it's not fair to fear monger.

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