Friday, November 26, 2010

Restaurant menus now and then

I went to McDonalds today for the first time in a long time (not for myself of course), and while waiting half an hour to place my order, I got to thinking about how much I hate their current menu boards. When I was a kid up until maybe 8 years ago perhaps, McDonalds and other restaurants had their menus looking like this:

more or less, anyways. Anything you might want to order, its right there. If its no longer available, its gone. Simple, effective, and you know how much you're paying for it.

Nowadays of course, all menus look like this at most fast food restaurants:

or like this:

I dunno, I hate it. Does McDonald's still sell those packs of cookies? WHO KNOWS! If you want to know how much a big mac is, you're fine, but how much is a hamburger? YOU DON'T KNOW! I think they do this on purpose so you don't think about the price. I wonder how much the prices have been jacked up in the last couple years under this new menu system. I'm actually surprised they don't use e-ink or LCD screens or something. They must spend a lot on production of these menus. I bet the first company that can produce at a decent price that pays for itself in a few years a photo quality e-ink glossy display, they'll sell tons of that crap to these restaurants.

Anyways, I hate these modern menuboards. Am I the only one?

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cherenkov said...

No, I agree. The new menus are fine if you want to buy a standard burger combo, but if you want to buy a single burger you're SOL.

I was starving at Polo Park yesterday and needed a snack. The only individual burger price I saw was for the new spicey mama burger, because it was a special thing with it's own posters. So, that's what I got.