Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hockey: A moonbats history on CBC

Well today I watched "Hockey: A People's History" , on CBC. Some sort of attempt to capitalise on the fact that they still have the contract for Hockey Night in Canada for a year or so more, they're milking it for all its worth. Normally I avoid watching the CBC, as it has become a bastion for really annoying politically correct stupidity. I had tried to watch the series last week, but it was basically a masturbatory celebration of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which coming from the publically funded crap that is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the same people that think HDTV broadcasts should be reserved for only the Toronto Maple Laughs, well.. I should have seen it coming. This week was supposed to feature the Summit Series, and the birth of the WHA. The Summit Series stuff was alright to watch, but the WHA was almost completely glossed over. Surely they would be aware of the book "The Rebel League" by Ed Willes a GREAT book and required reading for any Winnipeg Jets or Edmonton Oilers fan. I was very dissapointed in the rest of the show as well, some equal opportunity stuff about womens hockey. Normally I wouldn't have cared, but after the poor treatment of the WHA storyline, the womens hockey stuff went on for like 45 minutes. That's why nobody watches the CBC. Priorities not in line with what people care about. I'll watch it tomorow cause the new season of Doctor Who starts, and I'll be watching Corner Gas on the competing superior network CTV. So as of this moment CBC has two shows not produced by radical feminists or former Liberal backbenchers, Doctor Who and whatever the hell Rick Mercers show is called that I always kind of want to watch, but never do. Ah well, sooner or later the Conservatives will do something to make the CBC less annoying and CTV will get the Hockey Night In Canada contract.