Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey, do you have a cell phone but don't want to pay for 411 services? Try 1-800-GOOG-411, its free from google anywhere in North America. I keep forgetting to program it into my cell phone as a fast-dial but its useful and best of all free. 1-800-466-4411.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I opened my window up at night and I hear this sound. crunch crunch crunch. its a constant sound, though not uniform by any means. not loud enough to be anything more than a background noise, but all the same, I wondered what it was, then I saw some dangling cankerworms. It was them. They were all eating the leaves off of all the trees and making a noise that added together was perceptible to the human ear. It was totally the sound I was hearing. That's something crazy. This morning I saw a number of them hanging from strings, they seem to be about to make cocoons in order to overemphasize into annoying moths.

On the bright side, I saw a monarch butterfly this morning. They're fairly common during the summer but its nice to see them, and they were endangered at some point apparently for some reason that has to do with Mexico or something.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Transformers 2 A Michael Bay Film.

Transformers 2. Because there wasn't enough pointless desert storm bullshittery in the first movie.

Sigh. If you cut out all that army shit, it could have been a decent action movie.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jimmy Fallon

Next in my series of giving credit to people I never thought I'd give any credit for, is Jimmy Fallon. The ruiner of every SNL sketch he was in and even some he wasn't involved with somehow. Cowbell sketch? ruined. That's the only I remember at this point but I remember the number being quite high.

So I said, nah, I'm not going to watch Jimmy Fallon's late night show cause whatever I'm sleepy. But after watching Conan's debut I gave Fallon a chance and he's doing a decent job.

So good for you, Jimmy Fallon. Taxi and that fucking baseball movie were still shit, but your talk show is decent which is pretty good.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm not the biggest Microsoft fan. I'm not a vehement Microsoft hater, but I do like fairness and competition and I prefer Linux on its own merits. I tried bing the other day the new search engine microsoft threw out there to replace msn search and whatever they had before, and its actually pretty well designed. I'll give microsoft credit for that. Heck it could even reinvigorate their poor reputation (microsoft I mean).. they took a lot of google's strengths and added some ideas and tweaks. Is their search superior? I dunno, it might not be. Is it servicable and a viable alternative? Yeah I think so. Do I trust microsoft with my search history? Hell no. they'll probably use it to create a robot duplicate of me. But hey, Microsoft is not incabable of producing useful tools. They didn't gain dominance of the operating system market simply by being aggressive and manipulative.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Laptop/Netbook keyboards

I hate the trend in Canada where companies sell the universal international keyboards rather than standard english keyboards. You can tell the difference, is your enter key shaped like a flipped over L Tetris piece? Then its international. Which is worthless garbage. I will never buy a laptop with a shitty keyboard in Canada if this trend continues.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

CBC Radio annoyances - "Cross Country Checkup"

CBC has Canada's only National Radio Call-In-Show (according to their own website) and usually host rex murphy offers really stupid discussion topics when everyone else is thinking of something else. In a week where people are discussing the CRTC vs Private broadcasters, Rex Murphy asks "What do you think of the Governer General".. Which was also a topic that was at least newsworthy at the time, but they just talked about the Seal Hunt ban a week or two earlier. This week theres a guest host and they FINALLY get around to discussing the NHL/Ballsillie/Phoenix Coyotes issue. And after an hour and a half I decided, hey, lets see what stupid topic they've got this week. Aha, fuck, I missed an interesting show. At least they've got a Podcast I can listen to later.

Pizza Pizza

So I noticed Pizza Pizza finally opened up a stand alone store in Winnipeg. They've had one in the St Vital Silver City theatre and in a hospital somewhere, but if you want the authentic deal, its best to go to the stand alone rather than the one jammed into a gas station or movie theatre to be honest. So I thought, hey, lets go to Pizza Pizza. Give it a try, see why its so popular in Ontario.

The location is in St. James on Portage Avenue. In what used to be the last KFC without a dining area in the city. It's a shame it closed, as I loved those old KFC's with the huge bucket signs. But hey, whatever.

I could not remember the phone number, so I looked it up online. But it was nowhere to be found. I thought maybe I had gotten a flyer or something and looked through my mail, but nada. I looked on the Pizza Pizza website, and they list nothing for Manitoba. No press releases or nothing. Yeesh. I knew I had recently had new phone books delivered so I opened up the Yellow Pages.. Nope, not in there either. So in the end I had to go there and order.

They were pretty busy. I tried a regular crust with peperoni. The peperoni is pretty good. they cook it on top of the cheese which is the way Dominos does it and is the way I like my peperoni cooked. The crust was pretty meh, but they do offer other options apparently, such as gluten free or thin crust, I may try the thin crust if I go back. The sauce was kindof blah. Like canned tomatoes. Not very rich at all, but edible. Again, they do offer other sauces, so I may try to switch things up next time and see if that improves things.

Of course, I wrote down the number for future reference, and its 204-957-1111, which I decided to punch into Google, and voila Pizza Pizza shows up. Ridiculous. If you search for Pizza Pizza winnipeg phone number, you get nothing. Google can't handle alliteration or word repitition apparently apparently.

The interior design of the place was nice, theres a couple tables and chairs if you want to eat while you're there. Though its not really a place for dining in and if its busy you're out of luck. It looks decent in there, they don't have a garbage can in their lobby anywhere which is a strange thing. They have pretty new-style point of sale cash register tills with LCD displays that show your order as they punch it in, which is nice as they can't make mistakes without you knowing it right away.

So would I eat at Pizza Pizza again? Yeah. Fortunately they offer choice in sauce and crust which is the area I was least impressed in the Pizza I tried. It was edible, but it seemed to be more the type of food a drunk or stoned person might crave. Which might explain why they advertise so much for the Toronto Maple Laffs. The nice thing is its cheap, especially for pick up. A Medium pizza is like $7. A small 10 inch is like $5 for pick up. Comparable to Little Ceasars occasional $5 pizza pick up special, though those are always cold when I go there so.. I don't. So heck, you don't really even need coupons. Though Winnipegers love coupons. They'd rather go to an expensive restaurant with a coupon than somewhere cheap without the coupon if they think they're getting a better deal.

Pizza Pizza has a lot of competition in that area, not least of which is Atlantic Pizza directly across the street. Theres also a Santa Lucia nearby and everyone knows Santa Lucia is a superior product so I doubt they're going to be in too much trouble from them. Theres also a 222-2222 pizza hotline not too far away, but who cares about them. It'll be interesting to see once Pizza Pizza has more of a presence in Winnipeg. It sure took them a while to expand here.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Forehead Ridges.

Something I totally hate about star trek is stupid looking aliens who are human with forehead ridges. That's why I hate Voyageur. They're apparently on the other side of the universe, but its fucking forehead ridges everywhere. Fuck that crap.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Since I'm watching it anyways, I'm gonna live blog the tonight show with conan o'brien.

right now the news is still on. 10:31.

10:32 Now its the weather. Might rain tomorrow. They made a late night weather for Conan joke. What? Makes no sense. Yay, news is over now!

10:33 law firm commercial with an old guy who looks kind of like Johnny Carson. That's eerie.


10:35 Conan runs to L.A from New York, Forrest Gump style skit. Run Coney Run!
I bet Tom Hanks is on tonight.

10:34 Ad for A&W Texas Toast thing. I HATE TEXAS TOAST.

10:36 Doll Museum joke was sweet

10:39 Will Ferrel will be the guest! I was wrong I guess. I like the set. Blueishy and stuff. They kept the Conan O'Brien theme. Conan has a tan, shows up on film anyways. Pearl Jam are the musical guests. I hate Pearl Jam.



10:42 Let the Monologue begin.

10:45 Hilary Clinton joke. Conan's really aiming for Jay's audience with that one. That is to say, lame!

10:49 Bah I hate when they make L.A related jokes on the tonight show

10:49 Ah I missed Andy. He has some good lines.

10:51 heh Auto Bailout joke

10:52 Universal Studios skit, Conan is trying too hard

10:53 Conan "You shouldn't say WOO every time we're commiting a crime"

10:54 Ah the 99 cent store.

10:56 Commercials. Yet another hostage movie thriller. Feh. Best Buy crap commercial, bah. Except I like rock speakers, speakers that look like rocks. Tiger woods is selling something too. Ah, video game. NO JIMMY FALLON TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF oh Anne Hathaway playing the guitar she's hot NO I HATE YOU JIMMY FALLON RUINER OF ALL SNL SKETCHES.

11:00 Conan wants me to clap for Jay Leno. Nah. But he made a good Jay Leno joke.

11:02 Letter D from the hollywood sign. Horray for Hollywoo.

11:03 Conan's Ford Taurus. Hahahaah. Ah man. He's gonna get Ford as a sponsor at least.

11:05 heheh overheating rad. Maybe Ford won't be on board :)

11:10 Apparently Will Farrel is Pharoah. Wonder if all guests will get this treatment.

11:18 there sure are a lot of commercials.

11:20 shilling for Will farrel's crappy land of the lost movie, still amusing, but the movie is obviously crap on the level of bewitched.

11:21 Wonder how they show the movie preview. Jay had that popup TV. Nothing on Conan's show. You'd think he could get some sort of hologram R2D2 robot or something.

11:22 Special performance for Conan by Will Farrel. Aww.

11:24 Commercials again, then Pearl Jam. Might as well mute right now.

11:30 Pearl Jam playing the same song they've always played. Or maybe I just can't stand Eddie Vedders voice. That might be it. They're actually pretty good musicians, I just can't stand Eddie Vedders voice. Hey I learned something today.

11:36 Well, that did go by fairly quickly. It was alright. Hopefully tomorrow it'l be more of a normal show and less of a Conan welcome to L.A deal. We get it, lots of stars live in California. Bah. Surprised Will ferrel didn't do the leprechaun dance.

Tom Hanks is on tomorrow, should be good.