Thursday, November 25, 2010

CBC Radio news drives me to expletives

So I was listening to CBC radio all day yesterday, and their big story was that some farm outside of Winnipeg HAD THE FLU. It had the goddamn flu. WHOOPTY DOO IT HAD THE FLU! BIRDS GET THE FLU SOMETIMES! Jesus Christ they were acting as if a zombie virus or dengue fever had been discovered. It's fucking bird flu you fucking dumbasses. Just because you don't report sensationally on things that should actually be sensational news stories doesn't mean you should try to make this bullshit story interesting. Then TODAY, it turns out it was H5N2 which nobody gives a fuck about anyways. I swear it grated on me all day yesterday and today. Who the fuck is in charge of their news department? Mental deficients? This was never news. Bird gets the flu. honestly. Next they'll be reporting a cow with a blocked urinary tracked has mad cow disease. How pathetic.

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