Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pearl Jam sucks almost as much as Eddie Veder


blargh blargh lorurueddururrrr flargfalrlgaaa..

I have XM radio. I question why I continue to pay for it every day. If I want to listen to good 90's/00's songs Lithium is the only channel that plays Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, etc. Sure I could just make a mix CD or put that shit on an mp3 player but thats beside the point. The point is this station plays Pearl Jam and/or something involving Eddie Vedder every 5 - 7 songs.

I am fucking serious. I believe they take requests, so some mental institution somewhere with retarded patients must have nothing better to do than request the crappiest music of all time every 5 minutes.

Now I could live with it if I only heard pearl jam once every hour and a half. I hate it, but I can tune out a few minutes because I understand the world is full of people with poor taste and they must be accommodated lest they start running around crazy-like screaming about bee's attacking them in the ear or whatever insane people do. But every 5-7 songs is so ridiculous.

What they should do is make a station called "lithium without fucking bullshit pearl jam". But they don't.

I once worked with a girl who had pearl jam tickets if I let her leave early to catch the show. I hate pearl jam so much I refused to let her go early (also I was lazy and didn't want to be the only one working). They haven't been back to Winnipeg since (a small comfort, at least. The more distance between me and that band the better). I feel bad that I had to do that to her but its not my fault that Pearl Jam is garbage, is it now.

God I hate Pearl Jam.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Check this shit out. It plays DVD's, It plays Blu-Rays, it plays MKV's, you can plug in USB 2.0 drives and play shit on that. Hell I bet you can plug in an external USB DVD Drive and play shit from that. It's the OPPO BDP-83 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

Do I have one? Hell no. It costs $499.99. But if I was buying a new Blu Ray player, I would shell out the extra cash for this. It combines everything you need in one snazzy little box. Oppo has a pretty good rep too, as you can tell from it not being sold at futureshop, best buy, or wal-mart at least where I live.

Although if the next version does all this with HD-Mkv playing and some wifi at around the same price, I'm sold.

Sure you could buy a PS3, but can you play HD-MKV's on that? I doubt it.

I'm keeping my eye on Oppo.

Carl Sagan

If you haven't seen this yet..

Cosmos is one of my favourite TV series of all time, I remember watching it on PBS way back when. This video/autotuned Carl Sagan song is great. It can be downloaded here.

Granted I hated the movie Contact. But that doesn't diminish Carl Sagans influence on me in my youth.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bob FM has instantly turned into complete shit

Today I am going to rant about the radio. This has been bugging me for a while.

First BOB FM brought over Beau and Tom from Q-94 FM because nobody was listening to Q-94 FM anymore cause it was shit. Fine, I'm not up that early all that often anyways, and old people need something to rant at in the morning while relieving their bladders of prune juice anyways. But now whenever I come home from work I see THIS FUCKING BILLBOARD telling me that they've RUINED BOB FM FOREVER. They have added a woman to their morning show. The kiss of death. I guess there weren't enough people in the shrill female sidekick demographic listening to Bob FM in the mornings. I bet it has the opposite effect though. Guess what BOB FM. YOU GOT GREEDY. You can't win everybody. By trying to do so you alienate everybody. You had a niche, you served that niche. Ask yourselves, why did Q-94 FM fail in the first place? CAUSE OF SHIT LIKE THIS. Curve FM is still pretty much crap but at least its not complete shit like Q-94FM was or like Bob FM now is. Why? Because it serves its niche. People don't want to hear a womans voice in the morning laughing at shitty jokes read off the internet. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THAT. So I won't. Theres 20 other radio stations in this shitty city. Don't take me for granted.

Secondly, how is it Winnipeg's all time favourite radio show? Nevermind favourite radio show of the last year, no, if Bob FM is going to LIE, they're going to LIE LIKE NOBODY HAS EVER LIED BEFORE. Beau Tom and Frazier is Winnipeg's favourite morning show across all of time and space and infinity and beyond. Why not. How can you even prove such garbage? What the fuck is the CRTC doing allowing this sort of bullshit to happen?

Frazier. I remember you. I remember Q-94 fucking stupid billboards. Oh yes, I remember. Back with a vengence. God help us all. You're a third wheel.

Why do women always have to ruin everything?

Fuck you CHUM broadcasting. FUCK YOU. If I kept a list, you'd be on it.

If you wish to contact the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council about this attack on Winnipeg listeners of Bob FM, you can call toll free 1-866-696-4718, visit, or write to:

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
P.O. Box 3265, Station D
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 6H8

Or if you want to complain to an underpaid phone answering person call 204-477-5120.

I will personally refuse to purchase anything advertised on Bob FM until this situation is rectified.
Take note of that, Winnipeg advertisers.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Look at that shit. FM Stereo. Not one, but TWO WAKE TIMES. MOTHERFUCKING BATTERY BACKUP! HEADPHONE OUTPUT FOR SOME REASON! Look at that wood finish on top, and 3 dials on the side, one for the tuner, one for sound, and one for fucking TONE. TONE MOTHERFUCKER!!! Not only does it have AM, but it also has FM as well. It's incredible technology. Sadly GE doesn't make shit of this quality anymore. I got it used.

Look at that wood panel on top. That's quality worksmanship. It was clearly not built in China. It was built in Malaysia! Malaysia! Good work, Malaysians. It's old but it still works. All the buttons depress perfectly fine. Unlike my newer GE alarm clock I bought a few years ago.

Blue LED display. Look at those clock numbers. Not too thick or stupid. It's a quality font. It even says AM or FM unlike my other GE clock radio.

Look at that grille. grey stripes. You know this shit has two speakers, one on each side of the alarm. Model number 7-4945A. ...

Goddamn what a great alarm clock.

You're all jealous.

I spent $3 on it.

don't hate me cause I'm a great shopper of things.

Look at this ugly thing. Mine is even uglier, but this one looks similar. Look at that green LED display. ugly. Look at those buttons on top which are a pain and don't even work really. Look at that grille, oh wait, there isn't one. Wheres the speakers then? On the back! Theres nothing cool about it at all. No wood finish, Fuck this stupid clock. Thank God I have a good clock that is everything this one isn't.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food for Thought

Golden Girls was produced by Buena Vista Television.

Buena Vista Television is owned by Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Disney-ABC Domestic Television is owned by the Disney Corporation

The Disney Corporation now owns Marvel comics.

Think about it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

hurrr durr hurr de huurrrrrr

From the CBC (It has to do with an Ontario study therefore its relevant to all of Canada hurr durr)..

"Despite mandatory nutrition labelling and a new edition of Canada's Food Guide, eating habits haven't improved, the group said."

well, nobody reads that shit, and people still go by the four food groups, food pyramid, food hexagon, or whatever the hell they had back when they were educated.

"A decade ago, one in five, or 20 per cent, of the parents surveyed said their children ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, the minimum recommendation. By 2009, the prevalence dropped by a third, to one in eight, or 13 per cent, a finding the group called surprising."

FIVE OR MORE servings of fruids and vegetables daily? WHAT? I'm guessing a decade ago those parents LIED. I don't even eat 5 servings of anything in a day. what the heck is a serving anyways. Stupid government departments coming up with meaningless terminology. 800 servings of broccoli a day. For this definition a serving is one centimeters worth of anything that doesn't taste good.

"In 1998, 66 per cent of those surveyed said their child was physically active three or more times per week during the winter. This year, the figure was 57 per cent. During summer, 88 per cent of parents said their children were physically active."

Yeah well, they stopped funding parks and ice hockey rinks so that they could pay for MORE AND MORE USELESS STUDIES.

You know what bugs me, I like special K more than froot loops and rice crispies for some reason, but if I want a small box of that crap they only have the bullshit for women that has stupid strawberries or some shit in it. So I never buy that shit. I end up buying stuff like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Anyways, in summary, don't they have nano-machines that can unblock clogged arteries by now? Hurry the fuck up, researchers, or humanity is doomed!

Sunday, September 06, 2009







ONLY $399!!!

yeah. But does it read .cbr and .cbz files? If not, for $399, screw it. It's not that difficult to add such functionality.

and none of the ads mention that it has support for external memory cards. What kind? Apparently it has two slots. For SD cards? Or is one SD and the other Memory stick duo crap. dunno. But at least there are ereaders finally being sold in Canada, even if they're from Sony and don't support what I want (or at least don't advertise well enough what they do support)

Friday, September 04, 2009


Okay, in Winnipeg and a few other cities Canada Post has unveiled shitty new Canada Post mailbox wraps that look like graffiti... To ward off graffiti. (whole picture available in link)

Hey, you know what else would be a good idea? In order to ward off people drawing pornographic images on mailboxes, if Canada Post put up a special wrap that contained pornographic images!! THAT WOULD BE FUCKING GENIUS!!!

Fucking imbeciles! There was nothing wrong with the boxes before. They were red, people generally didn't tag them that often, or if they did, Canada post took care of it before I ever noticed.

But now they look tacky and shitty. Will this procedure cost more than it would have to just repaint it occasionally in the first place, or like any government expenditure, does it cost more than the problem they're solving. I'd guess the latter.

Way to go Canada Post, you fucking morons.

THIS IS HOW A MAILBOX SHOULD LOOK IN CANADA. Or at least, like those old classical rounder shaped ones. Not like a pre-grafittied/tagged piece of SHIT.

Also Canada Post provides some images on their website, but only allows them to be used without permission by accredited news agencies. Guess what, fuckers, I'm not accredited but I'm using it anyways because accredited news agencies are fucking press release regurgitators and nothing else. Fuck them and their bullshit terms of services. My taxes pay for your bullshit, so you can let me use it in a legitimate setting such as this.

This one isn't so bad. Never seen it personally, though.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


3 Years ago this device was created and launched in the USA. There, people have an alarm clock, weather widget device with a touch screen for around $200 that has streaming internet radio and runs on Linux.

In Canada, we don't have Chumby's.

Apparently there are two Canadian companies who are litigiously threatening Chumby for some reason. They presumably own bullshit patents on software methods and don't want the competition from Chumby.

I don't know what these companies are, but there are two companies selling internet alarm clock radios in Canada that I have seen. One is Aluratek, supposedly a Canadian company, the other is Acoustic research.

So I don't know if these are the companies, but there are two companies making legal threats, and there are two companies selling shitty products in Canada. Even if they are not the companies involved, there is enough suspicion there for me to never buy their products. That companies can't stand competition is just another example of how low our country has gotten with regards to adapting to the 21st century.

Fucking pathetic.

** UPDATE **

Okay, so those companies aren't the ones threatening to sue chumby, and I apologize for jumping to conclusions. However, my rage is still righteous and who is to blame again for this bullshit but CTVglobemedia. Owned by the despicable and disgusting sadists and rapists of Canada known as the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund, owners of a ridiculous trademark on the common english word CHUM. I guess they aren't chum's of ours. And some other patent troll company in Ontario that's suing everybody anyways. The latter is probably less of a threat to Chumby than the former. You'd think CTV would make a deal to get priority labeling and access to their stations through Chumby's services. But no, they have to be litigious as in Canada nobody knows any other way for a monopolistic entity to be run. Fuck you again, CTVglobemedia. Fuck you and die, CHUM.

Also, I still probably won't buy those other radio's. But only because they're technological inferior to what I want. But I suppose they serve a purpose. I'd pay $50 for one maybe, but not $100