Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congrats to Kevin Lamoureux

Persistence pays off I suppose. Or not having Jack Layton hovering behind you in all of your posters and campaign literature like a creepy Lenin. Seriously though, Stupidest thing I read was in the Winnipeg Sun where they actually thought the Conservatives had a chance. Stupidest thing I read all day. I like to think Filipinos aren't so myopic that they only vote along ethnic lines. The Winnipeg Sun thought otherwise. The woman was a complete non entity. Did she even do any campaigning? The only sad thing is she still managed to come ahead of all of the others like the greens and the pirate party.

Results Yoinked from Wikipedia (Cause there sure as hell wasn't anything to yoink from any media articles):

Liberal Kevin Lamoureux 7,306 46.3
New Democrat Kevin Chief 6,508 41.2
Conservative Julie Javier 1,645 10.4
Green John Harvie 115 0.7
Pirate Jeff Coleman 93 0.6
Communist Frank Komarniski 71 0.4
Christian Heritage Eric Truijen 45 0.3
Total valid votes 15,783

Anyways, there you go. Ignatieff can pretend this means something, Conservatives never had a chance there and they obviously knew it. What the hell, Winnipeg Sun? What the hell. Idiots.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

CBC Radio: Wiretap

I used to hate wiretap when it was on after Vinyl Cafe. It was just a stupid place to put it. But now its not as bad as it used to be. It used to be wirecrap. Now its wire.. umm.. wire fap? no that's giving it too much credit. Wire.. snap. wire.. blap. Whatever. I don't hate it as much now. So there you go, proper placement of shows can be the difference between crap and not so crap.

I hate that stupid medical show though. ugh. And of course, cross country checkup continues its immortal quest to discuss the least interesting issues of the week.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Restaurant menus now and then

I went to McDonalds today for the first time in a long time (not for myself of course), and while waiting half an hour to place my order, I got to thinking about how much I hate their current menu boards. When I was a kid up until maybe 8 years ago perhaps, McDonalds and other restaurants had their menus looking like this:

more or less, anyways. Anything you might want to order, its right there. If its no longer available, its gone. Simple, effective, and you know how much you're paying for it.

Nowadays of course, all menus look like this at most fast food restaurants:

or like this:

I dunno, I hate it. Does McDonald's still sell those packs of cookies? WHO KNOWS! If you want to know how much a big mac is, you're fine, but how much is a hamburger? YOU DON'T KNOW! I think they do this on purpose so you don't think about the price. I wonder how much the prices have been jacked up in the last couple years under this new menu system. I'm actually surprised they don't use e-ink or LCD screens or something. They must spend a lot on production of these menus. I bet the first company that can produce at a decent price that pays for itself in a few years a photo quality e-ink glossy display, they'll sell tons of that crap to these restaurants.

Anyways, I hate these modern menuboards. Am I the only one?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CBC Radio news drives me to expletives

So I was listening to CBC radio all day yesterday, and their big story was that some farm outside of Winnipeg HAD THE FLU. It had the goddamn flu. WHOOPTY DOO IT HAD THE FLU! BIRDS GET THE FLU SOMETIMES! Jesus Christ they were acting as if a zombie virus or dengue fever had been discovered. It's fucking bird flu you fucking dumbasses. Just because you don't report sensationally on things that should actually be sensational news stories doesn't mean you should try to make this bullshit story interesting. Then TODAY, it turns out it was H5N2 which nobody gives a fuck about anyways. I swear it grated on me all day yesterday and today. Who the fuck is in charge of their news department? Mental deficients? This was never news. Bird gets the flu. honestly. Next they'll be reporting a cow with a blocked urinary tracked has mad cow disease. How pathetic.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sony plans Android phone news in February

Coincidentally, my 3 years long rogers contract is over in February. I'm fine with either the X12 or the PSP phone as long as they both have front facing cameras and FM radio along with everything else the X10 had. I know they'll have mini HDMI, and I already have a mini-HDMI adapter so I'm set for that.

Heck, I might even buy both if they use the same battery type.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Why do websites that block Canada from watching their shows have no problem making you sit through a minute of commercials before telling you "no, its not available in your country because of a backwards media industry"

Monday, November 15, 2010


I wish I could say I was surprised at the 6 (so far) Canadian deaths from a gas explosion in Mexico at a resort, but I'm not. That one of the deaths was a 9 year old kid is sad, but again, I'm not surprised in the least. A 2 Year old child was also injured (his grandmother died).. The way I've seen it for a few years now.. If you're Canadian and going to Mexico, you will die. That's how I look at it, odds be damned. If I won tickets to Mexico, I wouldn't go. I wouldn't give it to family. I'd feel horrible giving them away to anyone out there. Sorry, but I can't think of a reason to go there. Even Winnipeg is safer.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ebert Twitter

Says Ebert: Rachel McAdams could become America's Sweetheart if she weren't Canadian. She blooms in "Morning Glory." http://j.mp/dfTcTz

To which I reply: America's first sweetheart, Mary Pickford was born in Toronto. Canada is part of North America, which itself is part of the Americas. You still haven't reviewed Scott Pilgrim vs the World, which was also made and based in Toronto. Good day to you, sir.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conan last night

Conan O'Brien made a joke with Andy about there not being any urination scenes in the Goonies. This is completely untrue. Midway through the movie, they stop off at a wishing well and go urinate. I've been watching Conan's show since the first episode and I'm never watching Conan again. This lack of attention to detail is exactly the type of poor quality I would expect from TBS. I was hoping O'Brien would up the quality of the network slightly but it seems 3 episodes in that my faith in him was misguided. I have seen the error of my ways, and will only watch Jay Leno from now on. He was right all along. How could anyone who loves cars more than his wife be on the wrong side of anything? Answer, he can't be. I owe an apology to Jay Leno who would never make such a flagrant error on his show and is a respectable gentleman. Good day.


A lot of people are complaining about Conan spending too much time on the whole NBC/TBS/Jay Leno situation now that he's finally back and able to. These people are idiots. How long did Jay Leno milk O.J? How long did David Letterman and even Johnny Carson himself go on about GE owning NBC? I think these people who are bitching about Conan were never fans of his in the first place. I enjoyed the first show quite a bit, and the other ones were also entertaining.. In fact, they seem to go by far too fast somehow. Conan should just add a half hour to his show. Johnny Carson managed to do it. I guess that would be unfair to George Lopez, who was already accommodating enough. But I think Conan could easily fill another half hour with another skit and maybe more comedians.

Leisure Centers

I was looking into whats open and closed on Remembrance day, and the thought hit me.. why are "leisure centers" closed on holidays? Wouldn't those be the days when people have the most leisure time?

Then again I've never gone to a leisure centre so I have no idea.

Same with Museums and such. I Wonder if the Museum for Human Rights will be closed on Remembrance day, now that I think about it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


You know what I hate, whenever some cause occurs, the thing to do is to go on Facebook or Twitter and speak your mind and add a friend or whatever the heck you do I friggin hate Facebook. The other day there was some sort of entry for some sort of contest and they want you to log in through Facebook. You know what they really want is your personal information and your connections and such. I refuse to play that game, anyways, for profit or for ones cause du jour. Everyone wants your Facebook info. Everybody. It's disgusting.

Not that people who are starting these petitions who want to show support for something with facebook friends are trying to get your personal information, I'm not saying that, but I refuse to log in to facebook because its just so invasive. Dominos Pizza, I dunno, whoever, they love pushing Facebook. So while I am disappointed in the sudden removal of the Great Canadian Talk show from Kick FM, I won't be joining any Facebook crusades to save it. I'm assuming they'll come out with some interesting excuses over the next few days for the sudden yank. While I never agreed with everything Marty Gold said, occasionally he did seem pedantic and I don't personally give a damn about Israeli political issues or old wrestling industry stories, he was entertaining, seemed to genuinely desire to bring issues other media would ignore altogether, and seemed to be a major proponent of students learning and making a difference rather than merely spouting a party line. I do think it was a good strategy by the station to have the talk show, as it got people listening to the station and other programs. I don't listen to the university stations as much as I could.

The thing that I hate more than anything else though is political manipulation. If you hate Marty Gold and his talk show, great! Nobody is ever going to be universally loved, but you should never be happy to see someone kicked off of something suddenly with the appearance of interference by people in positions of power. They either should have told the guy in writing why the decision was made, and given fair warning for them to end their show. I'm surprised they didn't do this on a friday. I guess it amounted to the same thing as there was no show on Monday his last show was on a Friday.. It really does have that whole Office Space cliche "Fired on a friday" feel to it.

Anyways, back to Facebook crusades. I hate Facebook so much. Why does everyone want to be my friend? I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND! GO AWAY! WHO ARE YOU!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Not that I want to keep bitching about the CBC

Today I was listening to CBC radio and on the news they kept referring to Afghanistan as Ofghahnihstahhn. Who in Canada knows where Ofghahnihstahhn is? It's so irritating I just have to tune out. Who enjoys that? It's just so forced.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Inexplicably, Seats Still Available for Ron James’ Manitoba Tour

with one week to go, the host of “The Ron James Show” on CBC, Ron James, has tons of seats still available. How can a comedian who "has five television comedy specials to his name" and "brings laughter with his Canadian-style humour wherever he travels." not sell out immediately? What kind of world do we live in where this isn't funny:


If you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. Who the hell says "Is your problem digital or analogue" ? Maybe if talking about a television signal, but.. what the hell is he even talking about? Is it simply reveling in ones own ignorance on a subject that is the source of his humour? This style of "comedy" is everything I hate in the world. But, some people like it. Clearly not enough to fill up the Pantages theatre in Winnipeg, of course, clearly not good enough for anything but quota filling by the CBC.. "We need some more shows on CBC with people from the maritimes or else they'll start to get uppity, whatcha got for me" "This comedian, Ron James.. people seem to laugh at the words coming out of his mouth for some reason".. Still, It takes an amazing amount of talent for someone to make someone else laugh without saying anything particularly funny. Bravo, Ron James. Though if the above comedy clip on youtube is any indication, theres no worry of him finding his way to my blog post.

Friday, November 05, 2010

CBC Radio: As it Happens

I really hate the way radio hosts on CBC,or at least the ones on CBC Radio One's "As It Happens" - say goodbye to their guests. It sounds so smarmy and smug. "Buh-bye".. Reminds me of that SNL skit with David Spade as an airline flight attendant with someone else going "BUH BYE".

I can't think of a better more genuine way to let the caller go, but it just irritates me every time I hear it. What can you do I guess.