Thursday, November 11, 2010


A lot of people are complaining about Conan spending too much time on the whole NBC/TBS/Jay Leno situation now that he's finally back and able to. These people are idiots. How long did Jay Leno milk O.J? How long did David Letterman and even Johnny Carson himself go on about GE owning NBC? I think these people who are bitching about Conan were never fans of his in the first place. I enjoyed the first show quite a bit, and the other ones were also entertaining.. In fact, they seem to go by far too fast somehow. Conan should just add a half hour to his show. Johnny Carson managed to do it. I guess that would be unfair to George Lopez, who was already accommodating enough. But I think Conan could easily fill another half hour with another skit and maybe more comedians.


DowntownWpg said...

Yeah, more desk pieces, a longer monologue, or skits would be good. I'd rather see Conan have one or two guests a night. I mean, who really cares what Katy Perry (or whoever the starlet of the day is) likes to eat for breakfast?

One thing I like about Stewart and Colbert, is that not only do they only do one guest per night (granted, their shows are just 30 minutes), but they often bring in authors and discuss some interesting topics. The 'typical' late night shows are way too focused on the Hollywood celebrities of the day.

That background/display behind Conan's desk is kinda cool though. Did you happen to see what they did with that when Tom Hanks was on earlier in the week? Funny stuff.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Actually today I found out the show is only on 4 days a week, monday to thursday. Just like the daily show (which now that I think about it, isn't actually on daily, now is it?), and that's got me wondering even more why they couldn't tack on an extra half hour.

They must be replacing the background with a blue screen/green screen whenever they do the various skits like the whale one.