Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ad bombers

I've been hearing and seeing a lot of Winnipeg blue bombers advertising lately.  It made me think of how different their tactics are from the the goldeyes and jets.  The goldeyes advertise a fun family summer outing for a reasonable price.  Its simple but effective.  I couldn't give a crap about baseball but I've gone to more than a couple goldeyes games. The jets don't really even have to advertise, but when they do it is on the calibre of players and canadians love of hockey.  When the moose were in town they used the affordability and game experience angles.  It worked.

The blue bombers ad spots all seem to focus on how tough and rough football is.  Which seems to me to be preaching to people who are already going to the games.  They also try to evoke "Manitoba Pride". Whatever that is.  I wonder if the same dimwits who came up with spirited energy are in charge of the bombers advertising.  I wouldn't be surprised. 

They aren't really even using the new stadium experience to appeal to people.  I give them no points for their advertising method.  Tough guys growling at the camera is professional wrestling tier.  Doesn't do it for me.  Its not enough.  The bombers haven't changed their advertising strategy in years as far as i can tell.  Doesn't matter how tough they are if they can't win games.