Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sick People are stupid

If you're sick, stay home. Don't go out and interact with people. Stay home, because of you I got sick. But you know what? I stayed home, because I'm not an idiot with a desire to infect the rest of the city like 5% of you are. I swear if something bad happened at the level 4 Virology lab 90% of the city would die because of people like you. Wear some sort of face mask or something if you're going to cough nonstop. Cough AWAY from me. Or simply DIE. Because I hate you. That is all.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Stat Holiday in Manitoba (Or: How to buy an election on the backs of business)

Recently in the local newspapers there has been a fair amount of space devoted to the idea of another stat holiday in the cold february months. The NDP was originally against the idea, but with Manitoban's realising that not only Alberta, but even Saskatchewaners are getting holidays in February perhaps we deserve one too. Of course, in Saskatchewan they're cutting the provincial sales tax by 2%, and in Alberta they have a nearly paid off debt, but thats because they're actually run reasonably well, not by money grubbing socialists.

In any case, the provincial Progressive Conservatives and Liberals were for the idea long before the NDP were. Why? Good question. I wonder. In any case, businesses are complaining that the NDP should have consulted them first. Well, guess what, you have a chance to voice your displeasure with the NDP at the next election along with everyone else. Unfortunately for you, people like Stat holidays. Frankly I think there should be one every month. Complaining about the profit loss in a dead month is rather pointless, as theres more to profit than keeping your employee as low paid as possible and overworking them. Having a long weekend and holidays are good for your employees. Deal with it.

Furthermore, the NDP have suggested calling the holiday "Tommy Douglas Day".. WHAT? Tommy Douglas? C'mon. He wasn't even a Manitoban. Personally I'd like for a Louis Riel day in February. Makes more sense than Tommy Douglas day.

Hopefully the Conservatives come up with a plan for the next election that speaks to Manitobans. Lowering the PST by 2% would be nice, more efficient taxation that might spur private enterprise would be nice too. Getting rid of all that spirited energy crap would also be good. The NDP just wasted our tax dollars on the ugliest design for drivers licenses in the country. What morons.

In any case, heres hoping things change for the better.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Canada's media publishes anything the CRIA asks them to

Over at Michael Geists website where he comments on Canadian technology related laws, is an article not only disproving, but obliterating the recent CRIA claims (by way of the MPAA and RIAA in the USA) that say Canadians are responsible for a majority of camera based movie piracy.

I want to add my own particular views to this. When the Trailer Park Boys movie came out, perhaps the number one Canadian movie this year (probably), I was watching to see how long a pirated version would come out, as the movie was not being released in the United States. I waited one week. Nothing. I waited two, nothing online except complaints from American fans that they couldn't wait to see the movie. Three weeks, people in the USA were talking about road trips they were forced to take into Canada. Four weeks, a fake torrent was online. Five weeks, it was a moot point. Eventually there was a bad cam release online somewhere that nobody would be able to watch, and really, who would want to ruin their viewing experience that way? The truly sad thing is, there was an audience for this movie in the United States, but no distributer would seem to think it viable and take it.

Why should Canadians even CARE about signing on to a digital rights law paid for by U.S lobyists when it limits creativity, makes it impossible to watch what you want on your HDMA big screen TV that you paid $1500 for, makes it impossible to plug your DVD player into your vcr to your TV (That's why it doesn't work, DRM, or digital rights management, they're afraid you're going to copy your DVD to VHS when its perfectly simple to make an exact copy on a DVD)

I voted Conservative in the last election, I voted for Joy Smith, my MP, who promised me at the time that she would not vote for an american style DMCA law that is allowing the rights of the average person to be trampled upon. Frankly, I think that the lawmakers should hire Michael Geist to look over any digital rights laws before passing them. I personally feel the current laws are enough, and nothing is to be gained from making Canadian's into criminals through the passage of store bought legislation. Truly I'm loathe to accept facts from any entity that has for years claimed no profit on their products yet is still in business. (Why do you think Movie Stars ask for their pay from the Gross rather than the Net) And if such a law looks close to passing without any due diligance done from government to make sure its a fair and righteous law and examined by third parties, then I will switch my allegiance to the Green party, who seem like the only uncorrupted party there is.

My biggest annoyance is with the Canadian Media who swallows this PR Bull hook line and sinker. Or are they simply doing what their corporate masters tell them to? I rarely see any fairness in these articles, they all seem to be that particular type of pre-written industry story. Journalists should be ashamed. Even the CBC has failed to reflect the opinion of the average Canadian on the issue. Then again, the average Canadian is conveniently in the dark as usual. And of course they are, they get their news from the media establishment.

Once again the Canadian Film and Television and Music industries fail at reality.

Thursday, February 01, 2007



YAH! I'm gonna go see it thats for sure. Anyways there was a whole bunch of controversy because the mayor of Boston and clueless old people who live there are pussies who see terrorists under every rock And man I wish they did the stunt in my city I woulda grabbed one of those things. Mooninites rock and they do what they please. Do not annoy them or they will destroy you with the Quad Laser!

And for your pleasure here is my favourite episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, guest starring Danzig and the cybernetic ghost of christmas past.



Also, The final Harry Potter book is coming out on July 21st, that's awesome. plus 21 is 7x3, and this year July 7 2007 is 7-7-7, 3 sevens. That blows my fucking mind man. BLOWS MY MIND! And that will be one week after the 5th Harry Potter movie, which hopefully doesn't suck like the last two but probably will.