Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The downtown Zellers is now open

If you didn't know, the downtown Zellers has opened in the Bay downtown basement. Looks shiny brand new. Also the Bay downtown and Zellers are open until 9pm, so that's nice if you're stuck downtown late and want to do some shopping. Not that they had any good deals or anything. Zellers always seems to be missing anything I might want for some reason, but they do appear to have an expanded selection compared to what the supermarket had before.. though the layout and exits are a bit confusing, hopefully they'll fix that with signage. Hopefully they renovate the Bay as well so that it only takes 2 floors cause really, they didn't need all that space and who really wanted to walk around that much? I'm a fan of efficiency. They must have just opened the Zellers though, as it looked really dead inside. Hopefully business picks up once people know it's there. I'm not the biggest fan of Zellers but I appreciate them putting a location downtown. I at least find it convenient. I guess in a way it will replace the one that closed down on Henderson Highway for me.

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Pegland said...

It was packed today for the grand opening. Some good deals, a few great deals, plus a guy in a bear suit dancing and waving. I really like the way they've done the's a real boost for downtown.