Tuesday, November 09, 2010


You know what I hate, whenever some cause occurs, the thing to do is to go on Facebook or Twitter and speak your mind and add a friend or whatever the heck you do I friggin hate Facebook. The other day there was some sort of entry for some sort of contest and they want you to log in through Facebook. You know what they really want is your personal information and your connections and such. I refuse to play that game, anyways, for profit or for ones cause du jour. Everyone wants your Facebook info. Everybody. It's disgusting.

Not that people who are starting these petitions who want to show support for something with facebook friends are trying to get your personal information, I'm not saying that, but I refuse to log in to facebook because its just so invasive. Dominos Pizza, I dunno, whoever, they love pushing Facebook. So while I am disappointed in the sudden removal of the Great Canadian Talk show from Kick FM, I won't be joining any Facebook crusades to save it. I'm assuming they'll come out with some interesting excuses over the next few days for the sudden yank. While I never agreed with everything Marty Gold said, occasionally he did seem pedantic and I don't personally give a damn about Israeli political issues or old wrestling industry stories, he was entertaining, seemed to genuinely desire to bring issues other media would ignore altogether, and seemed to be a major proponent of students learning and making a difference rather than merely spouting a party line. I do think it was a good strategy by the station to have the talk show, as it got people listening to the station and other programs. I don't listen to the university stations as much as I could.

The thing that I hate more than anything else though is political manipulation. If you hate Marty Gold and his talk show, great! Nobody is ever going to be universally loved, but you should never be happy to see someone kicked off of something suddenly with the appearance of interference by people in positions of power. They either should have told the guy in writing why the decision was made, and given fair warning for them to end their show. I'm surprised they didn't do this on a friday. I guess it amounted to the same thing as there was no show on Monday his last show was on a Friday.. It really does have that whole Office Space cliche "Fired on a friday" feel to it.

Anyways, back to Facebook crusades. I hate Facebook so much. Why does everyone want to be my friend? I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND! GO AWAY! WHO ARE YOU!!

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