Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ndp downplays Justin Biebers popularity

He will never be more than a YouTube fad, unlike Mulcair who is a huge hit with tween girls.

Oh they were downplaying Justin Trudeau's popularity?  Also Insane.  They only got to where they are today because of Jack Layton.  Mulcair is a vortex of bland.  Against stephen harper he may have had a chance, but against someone with a personality?  And the NDP is insane enough to act like they aren't in grave danger?  Madness!  It is a shame Layton died.  The NDP won't be winning with Mulcair.  Attempt to please everyone and you please no one.  Most NDP voters will just be happy to get Harper out as soon as possible.. and if a Justin Trudeau lead liberals is seen as the best option, they will be the only option.  Might even be for the best.