Saturday, June 08, 2013

Traitors among us

Is there ANY scenario where having the Winnipeg BLUE Bombers field awash in Green light would be acceptable?  Who did this.  Fire the Riders mole.

Blue or Yellow or White are the only acceptable colours.  Yes, Even if Green Day plays the stadium.  Even if it's Earth Day or something.  Break all the green lights now.  NO EXCUSES.

Although it could be an elaborate twitter hoax.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Skateboard parks and other ideas

Remember when the skateboard park at the forks was a big deal?  Now it seems there's skateboard parks everywhere ... though the forks is the only one with a bowl as far as I can tell... its cool and all, but now it almost feels like a copout to providing kids with something else.  Maybe its just me.  

You know what'd be cool.. a building made out of nerf foam.  We should build that.  You know, for kids.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


 CBC Reports that theres been yet another CP derailment, this time in Sudbury.

Someone (aside from me) should keep track of these derailments.  As I said in a blog post a couple weeks ago, CP has been cutting and apparently overworking their labour force.  Looks like this time the people of Sudbury are suffering as a result.

If these companies can't operate at a proper level to ensure staffing is sufficient to keep these accidents from happening, the government should step in as they seem do whenever there is a danger of strike that could cause undue trouble to Canadian business.  Are not trail derailments undue trouble to Canadians in general?

I mean, the Conservatives were so quick to legislate an end to potential labour strife at CP.  Yet when CP lays off or fires a large segment of their staff, leading to what could be subsequent operating issues, the government doesn't feel the need to step in there?  Somewhat arbitrary politics, Mister Prime Minister.