Friday, September 25, 2009


Look at that shit. FM Stereo. Not one, but TWO WAKE TIMES. MOTHERFUCKING BATTERY BACKUP! HEADPHONE OUTPUT FOR SOME REASON! Look at that wood finish on top, and 3 dials on the side, one for the tuner, one for sound, and one for fucking TONE. TONE MOTHERFUCKER!!! Not only does it have AM, but it also has FM as well. It's incredible technology. Sadly GE doesn't make shit of this quality anymore. I got it used.

Look at that wood panel on top. That's quality worksmanship. It was clearly not built in China. It was built in Malaysia! Malaysia! Good work, Malaysians. It's old but it still works. All the buttons depress perfectly fine. Unlike my newer GE alarm clock I bought a few years ago.

Blue LED display. Look at those clock numbers. Not too thick or stupid. It's a quality font. It even says AM or FM unlike my other GE clock radio.

Look at that grille. grey stripes. You know this shit has two speakers, one on each side of the alarm. Model number 7-4945A. ...

Goddamn what a great alarm clock.

You're all jealous.

I spent $3 on it.

don't hate me cause I'm a great shopper of things.

Look at this ugly thing. Mine is even uglier, but this one looks similar. Look at that green LED display. ugly. Look at those buttons on top which are a pain and don't even work really. Look at that grille, oh wait, there isn't one. Wheres the speakers then? On the back! Theres nothing cool about it at all. No wood finish, Fuck this stupid clock. Thank God I have a good clock that is everything this one isn't.

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