Wednesday, September 02, 2009


3 Years ago this device was created and launched in the USA. There, people have an alarm clock, weather widget device with a touch screen for around $200 that has streaming internet radio and runs on Linux.

In Canada, we don't have Chumby's.

Apparently there are two Canadian companies who are litigiously threatening Chumby for some reason. They presumably own bullshit patents on software methods and don't want the competition from Chumby.

I don't know what these companies are, but there are two companies selling internet alarm clock radios in Canada that I have seen. One is Aluratek, supposedly a Canadian company, the other is Acoustic research.

So I don't know if these are the companies, but there are two companies making legal threats, and there are two companies selling shitty products in Canada. Even if they are not the companies involved, there is enough suspicion there for me to never buy their products. That companies can't stand competition is just another example of how low our country has gotten with regards to adapting to the 21st century.

Fucking pathetic.

** UPDATE **

Okay, so those companies aren't the ones threatening to sue chumby, and I apologize for jumping to conclusions. However, my rage is still righteous and who is to blame again for this bullshit but CTVglobemedia. Owned by the despicable and disgusting sadists and rapists of Canada known as the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund, owners of a ridiculous trademark on the common english word CHUM. I guess they aren't chum's of ours. And some other patent troll company in Ontario that's suing everybody anyways. The latter is probably less of a threat to Chumby than the former. You'd think CTV would make a deal to get priority labeling and access to their stations through Chumby's services. But no, they have to be litigious as in Canada nobody knows any other way for a monopolistic entity to be run. Fuck you again, CTVglobemedia. Fuck you and die, CHUM.

Also, I still probably won't buy those other radio's. But only because they're technological inferior to what I want. But I suppose they serve a purpose. I'd pay $50 for one maybe, but not $100


Duane Maxwell said...

Reed - those are not the two companies, so please don't unleash your wrath on them unfairly. While I can't directly give you information on who they actually are, you might look at these articles:

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

well damn, you're right and I'm wrong. I'm still not changing the name of the blog, though.