Thursday, September 10, 2009

hurrr durr hurr de huurrrrrr

From the CBC (It has to do with an Ontario study therefore its relevant to all of Canada hurr durr)..

"Despite mandatory nutrition labelling and a new edition of Canada's Food Guide, eating habits haven't improved, the group said."

well, nobody reads that shit, and people still go by the four food groups, food pyramid, food hexagon, or whatever the hell they had back when they were educated.

"A decade ago, one in five, or 20 per cent, of the parents surveyed said their children ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, the minimum recommendation. By 2009, the prevalence dropped by a third, to one in eight, or 13 per cent, a finding the group called surprising."

FIVE OR MORE servings of fruids and vegetables daily? WHAT? I'm guessing a decade ago those parents LIED. I don't even eat 5 servings of anything in a day. what the heck is a serving anyways. Stupid government departments coming up with meaningless terminology. 800 servings of broccoli a day. For this definition a serving is one centimeters worth of anything that doesn't taste good.

"In 1998, 66 per cent of those surveyed said their child was physically active three or more times per week during the winter. This year, the figure was 57 per cent. During summer, 88 per cent of parents said their children were physically active."

Yeah well, they stopped funding parks and ice hockey rinks so that they could pay for MORE AND MORE USELESS STUDIES.

You know what bugs me, I like special K more than froot loops and rice crispies for some reason, but if I want a small box of that crap they only have the bullshit for women that has stupid strawberries or some shit in it. So I never buy that shit. I end up buying stuff like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Anyways, in summary, don't they have nano-machines that can unblock clogged arteries by now? Hurry the fuck up, researchers, or humanity is doomed!

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