Monday, April 27, 2009

OLD POSTS and Blogger

Here I am looking at my old posts and realised, oops, there was a draft from 2008 that I never finished! I never published it and I probably should. Unfortunately, draft posts retain the date they were started, as opposed to the date when they are actually published? Why is this? If I wrote an article for a newspaper and started it on monday and it got published on friday, they wouldn't date it as monday. It wouldn't even matter if they made it an option in blogger settings, but google has gotten really lazy with adding features and doing things that make sense (at least to me) And don't even get me started on how difficult it is to find a way to email google people with hints and suggestions and complaints. It's almost as obfuscated as ebay/paypal with useless "help" menus. I KNOW WHAT I WANT. Why do big companies make it so difficult to actually get through to somebody and communicate?

Anyways, the post is titled "Deep Thoughts - Sneezing"
.. enjoy.

Also, I'm sick of 24 hour coverage of swine flu. If this was the flu from the movie I am Legend, we'd be dead zombies in hours.

** EDIT ** nevermind, I found out in Post Options you can change the date to a future date and then publish whenever its scheduled to, so yay! Now I can probably post more to my blog.

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