Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm glad I don't use Twitter

Twitter is a fucking fad only the most douchey retarded people can possibly jump on. It is garbage. Also useless. How do I know? Because I was watching CNN and Larry King Live was on, and it was the most horrible babbling of techno-ignorance I have ever seen. It was horrid. It was Larry King talking to Ashton Kutcher talking to P.Diddy talking about twitter and fighting malaria in Africa probably with nets and shit. But mostly it was celebrities jumping on the latest fad. Ooh look who has a twitter page. Oprah! Ashton! Demi Moore! Larry King! bah. It was like watching a bunch of born again christians talking about their puppies. Made me want to shoot myself. I will never use Twitter. I can't wait to see it die like MySpace and every other crap fad that ever existed.

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