Friday, April 24, 2009

Hyundai Commercial

So I just saw a commercial for a Hyundai automobile where two people driving the same Hyundai rev their engines as if they're going to race as the camera pans around the cars. Then they don't race after all and a baby carriage is shown crossing the street for some reason. I don't know the point of this commercial, something about driving smart, I dunno. One of the potential racers was female, and c'mon would she really win? I doubt it. Call me sexist, I simply think us males are more hardwired for stupid things like racing. But what really bugged me about this commercial is that there were no license plates on the car. They're on the road somewhere, but obviously, no license plates. While its not unbelievable not to see license plates on cars occasionally, why would they rev their engines and pretend to race? Or was it part of the commercial, that they both bought new hyundai's and they were joking about racing even though they were uninsured and stupid? I doubt it, I'm just asigning brilliance where there was none. Still, Hyundai has become a pretty good company. They're no longer the Ford of Asia. Their cars look pretty good and their warrenties and such are pretty good, if I were thinking of buying a car (which I'm not, I hate driving in Winnipeg) I'd seriously consider them.

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