Tuesday, December 06, 2011

NHL Realignment

So the NHL is set to do a re-alignment with Winnipeg in a central time zone-ish conference. This is probably the best solution, but I think they should bring back the conference names. I miss the old division names like Smyth division, Adams division, Patrick division, and Norris divisions. And the Wales and Campbell conferences rather than the Eastern and Western conferences. It just sounded classier.

I suppose they could go an updated route and instead of old owners they can name the new conferences after the greatest players of all time. Thus the Gretzky Conference with Edmonton and LA and the rest, perhaps the Hull Conference with Winnipeg and Chicago and so forth, the Richard conference with Montreal (or the Orr conference? I dunno!), and.. perhaps the Lemieux conference. It kind of works out nicely.

Conference AConference BConference CConference D
CalgaryColumbusBuffaloNew Jersey
ColoradoDallasFloridaN.Y. Islanders
EdmontonDetroitMontrealN.Y. Rangers
Los AngelesMinnesotaOttawaPhiladelphia
PhoenixNashvilleTampa BayPittsburgh
San JoseSt. LouisTorontoWashington

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