Saturday, November 26, 2011


Why don't I subscribe to cable TV? It's not because I hate paying for cable, though I do, it's because I hate being locked in to a $H!TTY TV BOX.

The whole home PVR by Shaw is pretty cool, but you know what's cooler? Being able to plug your cable in to your TV and not having every HD channel encrypted . It's maddening that they encrypt channels that are available OVER THE AIR UNENCRYPTED and in even better quality. What is the reasoning behind that? It makes no sense!

You know what I'd like? an HD Homerun Prime. It's a cablecard compatible digital tuner that plugs in to your router so that you can watch TV from any connected computer. I have the regular HD Homerun, which uses only Over the Air digital TV as its source, and it's great. But I can't use an HD Homerun Prime because Cable Card isn't offered as a solution in Western Canada either. Thanks for nothing, industry Canada and the CRTC.

The HD Homerun Prime is just an example. But sooner or later you wont be able to watch TV on your laptop or otherwise. Sorry, customer, but your needs are irrelevant.

So while I'd like to subscribe to TSN Jets, And would even pay for basic cable to do it, being unable to watch it on my own terms has lost them a customer. Not piracy, not netflix. Their own poor service and pathetic restrictions.

They can continue to attempt to enshrine DRM into law, pay off as many politicians as they can, and it won't help them get a single cent out of me. Providing me with what I want at a fair price will.

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