Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tea and grumpets

Apparently the Canadian band the tea party are touring again after a long hiatus.  I honestly thought and hoped and prayed they were gone forever but alas no.  And you know who I blame?

The American tea party organization.   You just had to pick that name, didn't you.  I could forgive you people for being unwitting manipulated tools of big business interests, but I cannot forgive you for this.  You people disgust me.  Now ill be forced to listen to these wanna be Jim Morrison's on the radio. 

They're not as bad as Nickleback, sure.  But Nickleback isn't as bad as creed, and I'll bet the American tea party loves both.

Still, could be worse .. could be great big sea .. goddamn for a 10 year period they played the same songs over and over again at every festival in Canada.   EVERY FESTIVAL.  ugh.  I bet they'll play your wedding too.  But I only hate great big sea because they were overplayed.  I just don't like the Tea Party's sound.


Anonymous said...

Tea Party has always sucked. On a similar tangent - I am a booking agent for a club & get e-mails from bands wanting to play at our club. There is a new tribute band playing the circuit. Dig this .... a Nickelback tribute band! Nickelbag! I laughed so friggin' hard I fell off my chair! Is it a joke band? Do they dress as clowns while they perform? If they are serious - that is hilarious! And if it is a joke band.... that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Nickelback tribute band? I guess if grunting is your thing...


reedsolomon.matr1x at said...


nicklebag is slang for $5 bag worth of drugs similar to how a dimebag is $10 worth of weed.