Monday, November 07, 2011

Google a solution for this

I really don't like Google's new blogger interface.  At least the old one let you bank out a post easily.  Now it tries to be Wordperfect 7.  Just let me easily post my nonsense please, google.  Stop making things difficult. 

I mean it's not without any redeeming features.  The set date and time field is nice.. but I hate how everything is hidden. 

You know what'd be cool?  If it was made up to actually look like a completed blog post as I was making it.  Then you wouldn't even need a preview option.


cherenkov said...

What's really weird is that I find Blogger doesn't work properly with Google Chrome. Maybe I need to upgrade my version or something, but adding pictures to a post is surprisingly problematic with Chrome.

Shaun M Wheeler said...

I ran into this just this past Saturday when I resurrected my Blogger blog (man,that sounds redundant!).

The new interface slowed my system (a 3GHz Linux machine) to a crawl, regardless of which browser I was using.

I'll stick to using blogging apps like Ecto.