Thursday, November 10, 2011

Programming your DVR

So in the USA, Conan airs on TBS apparently directly opposite The Daily Show and the Colbert Report Monday to Thursday.  They all take Friday off.  I don't know why I'm capitalizing the days of the week, but I've never read an MLA handbook and it just looks better to me that way.  Anyways, back to Conan. 

Johnny Carson used to air a repeat on mondays (or a Jay Leno fill in episode) and ran his show tuesday to friday.  I wonder why Conan/TBS chose to do Monday to Thursday.  I guess if it airs Monday to Thursday they can show replays of the previous day from Tuesday to friday, which is what they do here in canada on the comedy network here.  See, now im just arbitrarily capitalizing things.  What's wrong with me.

Still, if Conan aired Tuesday to Friday, he wouldn't have to compete with The Daily Show and Colbert for one day (and vice versa)..  then again, perhaps the assumption is people have better things to do on Friday nights.

Recently they discovered a way to turn back the age of old cells.  I wonder, if Jay Lenos audience was de-aged to their 20's or 30's, would they hate Jay Leno?

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