Wednesday, November 09, 2011

MMmmmmm. Homers.

I've never been to Homers restaurant on Ellice, but I love optical illusions, and their sign made out to look like its an actual bust of who I assume to be Homer is really cool.  Here's a link to Google's street view.

If you are driving down ellice avenue or are near the UofW and see this right up close, you'd swear its a cement bust sticking out of the wall, but in actuality it's just a well done illusion.  Neat huh.

 What's even funnier is if you click on the sign, Google actually BLURS OUT THE FACE.  Even Googles cameras were tricked by the illusion.  You can try it yourself, but here's a screenshot.

Homers is in good company, as the KFC Colonel himself was also blurred out by the same facial regognition software.. and he's a cartoony caricature of a real person.

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