Friday, November 11, 2011

Go Winnipeg! We're Number ?

Recently a poll conducted by Leger Marketing analyzed how loved or hated Canadian cities are in Canada.  They polled across the country and came to the conclusion that Toronto is the most hated city in Canada.  Now, I do hate Toronto for many reasons (most of which are the leafs) and yes, I've been there and have family there as well.  The thing is, they didn't other to put Winnipeg on the list.  I don't expect them to put every city in, but they put Halifax there.  Halifax.  They have both Victoria and Vancouver.  Edmonton and Calgary, Why would they leave out Winnipeg from a list of cities people feel strongly or negative towards?  I'd like to hear their justification. 

I suspect they wanted to get the result of Toronto being the most hated city in Canada.  They purposefully left Winnipeg off the list because maybe we're the only competition they have.  Or maybe the euphoria over the return of the Jets would skew the results too much and Winnipeg would have outdone Ottawa, Victoria, and Vancouver?

We'll never know, though.  But if you want to read a smug sounding individual from Toronto saying the rest of Canada are just haters, check out this Global Toronto piece.  I can't decide if it's serious or satirical.


The View from Seven said...

My guess is that the client was paying by the question, and had to trim down the list a bit to stay within budget. If they had to choose, it made more sense to keep popular convention and tourist destinations like Halifax and Victoria than "working towns" like Winnipeg, Saskatoon, London, Ont. and Hamilton.

Interesting findings, but I would have focused on the "very positives", in which case Ottawa would be merely the fourth most-loved city after Victoria, Vancouver and Quebec City.

Also, I see it was done online. That poll will presumably then have a huge skew toward older and better-educated respondents -- which might be acceptable as they're usually better-traveled anyway.

Anonymous said...

Most Winnipeggers can't afford a computer.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Oh Anon, you'd be surprised at how many Winnipeggers can afford an X-box 360, playstation 3 and 60 inch television on welfare.