Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was clicking around rotten tomatoes (wow, the new Conan movie apparently sucks!) when I came across this tidbit from a review of Guy Maddin's movie 'My Winnipeg':
"Maddin's My Winnipeg is love and hate. It seems his feelings towards his hometown are like those of an older brother towards his younger: "It's okay for me to make fun of him, but if you do, you're asking for it!"
This perfectly encapsulates how I believe most Winnipeggers feel about making fun of Winnipeg. This is what I think of when people say the Weakerthans song "One Great City" is about hating Winnipeg. It isn't. They're Winnipeggers. They love Winnipeg. The way you love a younger annoying sibling who is always bothering you. The one who deserves a good kick in the butt. But if someone else says something or does something to them, that is NOT COOL.

It's nice that someone not from Winnipeg was able to illuminate me like that.

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