Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CBC gets its extension

Today pretty little CBC walked out of Professor CRTC's classroom after failing to do her term assignment on time and got an extension on it for one more year. Why? Nobody knows. Everyone else had to do it on time. Kids in other schools finished the assignment years ago. BBC, PBS, all finished the assignment a long time ago and exceptionally well. CBC.. she did a rush job at the last minute and then cried when everyone told her she didn't do the job well enough.

So what was Professor CRTC to do? Fail her? He couldn't do that! Theres no way he would be punishing his favourite student. Give her an extra year to do it, nevermind that it'll annoy everyone else who actually does their work on time.

So remember, kids. If you're the CBC, you don't need to do things on time. You can just look puppy dog eyes at the CRTC and get away with anything. There were too many other things! I was too busy with the internet and facebook to do it! All good excuses if you're a pushover toothless worthless idiot like the CRTC.


The View from Seven said...

Interesting contrast to how the FCC handled stations that couldn't make the June 12, 2009 deadline, such as KNRR.

KNRR: We want to stay on the air in analog because we couldn't convert the station to digital because of the bad winter, antenna issues, and because we have no money. Please can we keep our analog signal on the air?

FCC: No!

KNRR: But we'll have to shut down the station if we don't get an extension!

FCC: Tough s**t!

It's probably symbolic of the state of the digital transition here in Canada that my inquiry at The Source about a ATSC USB tuner for my laptop was met with a puzzled response, as if I was speaking Dutch or Portuguese.

reedsolomon.matr1x at gmail.com said...

futureshop is a better choice.. cheaper, have what you want, and not owned by the most truly evil company on the planet. or order online. id go witha a hauppauge. i got a wintvhvr 850 on boxing day a few years back that was really a 950q for 40 bucks. they still sell for close to 100.

as for cbc, hopefully they'll be shamed into switching once word of mouth about digital ota gets around.

i mean you and I are fine as we'll see cbc switch in 2 weeks, but it's the principal of the thing. let us not forget that winnipeg was included in the have nots for a long time.

what remains inexplicable to me is that cbc would rather keep doing analogue for french even in cities where they could easily do a subchannel on the English channel instead. the reverse in Quebec. insane.

The View from Seven said...

Just finished setting up an AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q from Staples. Getting an excellent signal from CKND-DT 9.1; better than their snowy Analog 9 signal.

No sign of KNRR, even though the FM tuner has Maverick 105.1 coming in clear as a bell from Walhalla, and a fuzzy signal coming in from Z 106.7 in Cavalier (which is more than I can say for Kick FM, which is MIA).

reedsolomon.matr1x at gmail.com said...

$55.. not a bad deal. I don't get how it has support for pip but if it works, bonus.

I hope KNRR boosts their signal at some point. I miss them.