Tuesday, August 09, 2011

From the "Why am I the only person in the world capable of having good ideas" department

You can buy cheap 7" android tablets for just over $100. Sure they come with resistive touch screens and perhaps run at less than 800 mhz, but all the same... you have a decent internet device for around $100.

What gets me is why isn't anybody making an alarm clock/fm radio device using android?

I have an internet radio I got cheap. It has vtuner internet radio "support" but doesn't support internet radio stations in aac and probably never will. Nevertheless, I like it well enough.

However, someone could EASILY build an alarm clock device with a small 4-5" resistive touch screen for configuration. They could include FM radio with RDS support, they could use the tune-in radio app for internet radio support, and maybe modify the default screen and configuration a bit to conform to an average alarm clock type device. It could easily play mp3's and such.

So why isn't anyone making it? Why are companies wasting their time making knock-off phones and tablets running android but not looking at other useful areas?

Sure theres chumby type devices as well. But am I missing something? a wifi capable android internet-radio terminal slash alarm clock would be pretty cool.


Shaun M Wheeler said...

Holy crap! vTuner is still around?! I remember registering that a decade ago!

Anonymous said...

What the Hell are you talking about?

reedsolomon.matr1x at gmail.com said...

What the Hell are you talking about?

If you're from China you just perfectly answered my question.