Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check this out

Rotary dial bluetooth phone from sparkfun. Now, I have an old rotary dial phone connected to my voip line, but it doesn't ring and I can't dial out.

Obviously I'm not going to pay $250 for a novelty item like this. However, I have a GE 21518 cell fusion that I got for like $5 from goodwill. It basically does the same thing. I love when goodwill has no idea what it is they're selling. Prior to that I did see them at office depot for like $40 on clearance before they closed down.
Basically, this device pairs a bluetooth cell phone to a landline. So I can plug in my voip on one end, and output any cell phone calls and voip calls to a standard phone.

Certainly I've already got all of my provisioning for my voip line to dial all of my phone numbers together. And I do have a couple of cordless phones connected to my voip system.

What gets me interested of course is that sparkfun seems to have schematics for the device they built. My problem is I need to get my old rotary phone to be able to ring and dial out.

I could use a rotary phone adapter but that would probably not solve the voltage necessary to get the old rotary phone I have to ring. However, it may be that if I look at the schematics of the bluetooth device there is almost certainly an alternate method employed by sparkfun that requires less tinkering. I'll have to have a look.

Regardless, I forgot all about this project for a while now. Hurray! Fun!

Sparkfun rocks. Fast shipping too.

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