Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RoJustiner BEbert

From Roger Eberts twitter: "Scott Pilgrim" renting at $1.99 on demand. Several dozen readers angry I didn't see it before making my Best 10 list.

I'd put the number much higher than several dozen. What does Roger Ebert have against this movie? We know he ranted about video games not being art, then ignored a movie (his area of expertise) based on a comicbook heavy on videogame imagery, references, and inspiration. I'm sure he's been getting tons of emails asking him to see this movie. He made an ass of himself IMHO, and this movie is one that speaks to that, and he's ignoring it to his own detriment. I've lost a lot of respect for Mister Ebert this year. I'm not saying it was a brilliant movie or it deserves to be in his top ten, but if he is making top ten lists, he should be damn sure he's at least being inclusive of movies that are otherwise well received but might not speak to his sensibilities.

He was taking time off to write his book. Well, I say no-one should buy his book until he does face the music and review Scott Pilgrim.

Also, why was Justin Bieber shopping in Canada on Boxing Day? The kid has like 40 million dollars. This was clearly a publicity stunt. "Tee Hee, oops, its me, Justin Bieber shopping on the busiest shopping day in Canada look at me.. hee hee hee.. I'm running away from my idiot teenage girl fans OMG why didn't I attempt to disguise myself in any way?"

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