Thursday, December 09, 2010

Notion Ink Adam

I've been waiting for a google android tablet with the perfect specs for a while now, and it seems the Notion Ink Adam is going to be the first one at the plate. It's not perfect, nothing ever is, but its clearly better than an apple ipad in terms of features. But what most attracts me to the Adam is the overall exuberance of the Notion Ink team. They've been building this thing for a long time now and they're so close to not being vaporware, you just want to support them with their unbounding optimism. Plus its the first tablet which comes with Pixel Qi technology. The power saving features of E-Ink in an LCD screen. Plus its no cheap 7 inch tablet. It's 10 inches. And the camera swivels to the back or front so if you're not using skype, you can flip it out of the way.. The top of the line version is around $650.. which is actually really good all things considering it comes with. I'll probably get that version with the 3G built in. I hope they get good distribution in North America and don't run into too many supply problems. It's nice to see a company build something genuinely out of the desire to make something useful, not a locked down technology made to sucker the gullible.

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bwalzer said...

Some are skeptical. If it is real then it is pretty nice.