Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bodies, the yechhhsebition

So Bodies the Exhibition will be over pretty soon, according to ads plastinated .. err.. plastered around Winnipeg. Frankly, I find looking at the innards of the human body makes me queasy, and I wish True North Entertainment had not brought it here and I'll be happy to see it gone. I can't be the only one. I hate gore. I don't mind if its an animal but seeing people really brings it home to me. It's unfortunately why I could never work in Medicine. I will turn the channel if I see ER or some medical documentary. I wonder if theres a term for what I have. Anyways, on top of that theres the fact that the bodies are more than likely Chinese dissidents put in the pose of playing football or something. Imagine if you were put to death for being a member of the conservative party for example, and then your body was plastinated and given to the Chinese and put in, I dunno, a ping pong playing pose for the rest of eternity. I find it pretty disrespectful to be honest. Nevermind that afterwards I'd be spooked to see any future exhibitions there. Not that I believe the place would be haunted or anything, but just the idea that there were dead bodies on exhibit for like what, three quarters of a year? yechh.

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