Friday, December 17, 2010

Congratulations to Global TV Digital Channel 9.1 ,and 40.1

If you have an ATSC capable HDTV (most of them) or digital cable converter (I saw some on sale at superstore in the discount bin the other day on Regent) you will now be able to pick up one digital channel over the air, as the other day Global Winnipeg officially became the first channel to broadcast OVER THE AIR in HDTV. I've got my HDTV (and a digital converter for a small tv) working perfectly connected to an antenna. You probably only need regular bunny ears to get a decent signal.

There is a note in the channel data that states "CKND-DT in Winnipeg, Manitoba is transmitting a new DTV channel on UHF 40, Frequency 626-632 Mhz. Call 204-233-3304 to report any interference problems. So, there you have it. I have no problems, but there we go.

Of course, none of the other Winnipeg stations seems to show the same level of commitment to getting a digital signal up in Winnipeg. CBC appears to be the worst of the lot, with no official plans for a digital signal until 2012. Which again, is shameful. Hopefully Bell's purchase of CTV means they will put up a signal sooner than later. Though Rogers hasn't really been particularly gung-ho either. I'd give credit to Shaw for the work done, but Global had an aggressive goal to switch even before Shaw purchased them. So again, kudos to the engineers and everyone involved at Global Winnipeg aka CKND TV for a job well done.

Really, its quite awesome to have a pair of rabbit ears connected to your widescreen TV and getting a clear HDTV picture after scanning for new channels. I look forward to the day when every channel in Winnipeg has a digital signal. I don't watch much TV, but it'll be nice to see the resurgence in roof antennas over the next few years.

Maybe global could take pity on CBC and feed their digital signal on a standard definition digital subchannel.

Also, if you get cable TV, you can get the Global Winnipeg HD channel that way too. Don't know if its unencrypted QAM, but surely if you have a box you'll get it. Granted at this exact moment, they're airing a Ben Affleck movie called Surviving Christmas in Standard Pan and Scan 4:3, but that movie most likely doesn't deserve any better, so good call Global.

** minor update.. I'm seeing minor sound dropoffs, but I'm guessing they're still working on that. **


Unknown said...

so how far will it go?? at that freq
outside Wpg is out of the question

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Reports have it reaching people in Steinbach. Depending on where you are you might need a rooftop antenna.