Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stupidest thing I've read from the Winnipeg Free Press

A couple days ago, Nicholas Hirst wrote an article in the Winnipeg Free Press titled "CRTC needs real power". Now, I don't know if the headline was changed by new editor Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, or if the man is simply delusional, but the LAST thing the CRTC needs is "real power". The power to be a bumbling incompetent money sucking government agency that kowtows to the "homegrown" media "industry" for WHATEVER THEY ASK FOR and would ruin the internet if they thought they could get away with it? Oh wait, they already have that.

What the CRTC NEEDS is to be DISMANTLED and COMPLETELY REPLACED with something that works in the interest of the PUBLIC. The FCC at least works for the public. Sure the public are idiots that as a whole are afraid one swear word in prime time will turn their children to drugs and the devil, but its better than what we have. The CRTC allowed the industry to get in the mess it is in. Just like NHL overexpansion, the CRTC allowed a select few owners to own a number of specialty channels, which cable companies shove down the throats of its subscribers (because if you believe Canadians WANT to pay for every channel they're currently getting you're hopelessly naive). Now these channels are profitable and broadcast is not quite AS profitable as it USED to so now they need to be subsidized in order to get into even stupider bidding wars for the rights to rebroadcast American TV shows (Which we all want to watch on Hulu anyways, but because of CANADIAN RIGHTS ISSUES, WE TECHNICALLY CAN'T!) which pisses us off when we read something on the internet about a clip from the daily show and WHOOPS, can't see that in Canada! we gotta subsidize our own corporations to rebroadcast it here because by God they paid for it and have the RIGHTS. When they only have those rights under the assumption that they will use the profit on American redistribution to create Canadian TV Shows, which they don't. In fact, my theory is they've created CRAP for the longest time ON PURPOSE. God knows we have the talent to make properly entertaining shows, and we all know Canadians actually would LIKE to watch good Canadian TV shows if they have the chance (Let me know if the CBC ever produces one)

More power for a bunch of bumbling fools in the pocket of the industry they're supposed to be regulating? I don't fucking think so.

In conclusion, trololocat

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