Sunday, March 07, 2010

The main reason I despise the CRTC

My parents aren't complete idiots, but if they want to watch TV, they want to TURN IT ON, and watch TV. They don't want to turn on some sort of DIGITAL BOX, they don't want to learn how to use a fancy Harmony remote control or any other remote control. They want to go up and down, or press a button to go to channel 45 or 44 or if my nephew is over, channel 50.

Why the CRTC doesn't mandate CLEAR QAM for all basic cable channels in digital and HD, I don't understand. IF Shaw provided a box that could be kept in the basement that auto-tuned to the channel my parents wanted, thats great. But they only provide boxes that force you to cycle through every unsubscribed channel. My parents don't want the gameshow network. They want basic cable and thats it. They don't want to be reminded of the millions of channels they dont want to watch. they just want to watch what channels they get. You cant do that with their retarded box, and thats why I don't subscribe to cable TV personally. I mean if you're getting all the channels, then why should you care, but most people don't. Oh but you can program your favourites you say! WELL NO I DONT WANT TO DO THAT. My parents cant. and it reverts back to the complete list unless they know what they're doing. Fuck that shit. MTS is similar I think with their ridiculous boxes.

My sister has her TV in the wall. She does not want a goddamn box ruining her wall mounted TV. What does Shaw or MTS (or whoever) offer her? NOTHING. Just bullshit add on devices to lock down the viewing experience and create clutter.

Fuck TV boxes. The CRTC should mandate their removal and mandate CLEAR QAM and unencrypted digital channels. Useless fuckers.

That said, the reason I had to go to my parents house was because their VCR was reset and was set to TV, not CATV, so that my newphew couldn't watch Treehouse and that was apparently the most bad thing that could ever happen. When I came there he directed me to the TV, repeatedly said my name and supervised me until I made damn sure Treehouse TV was back. Why can't people with toddlers get a minimal package containing solely of Treehouse TV? It's not like they're allowed to watch any other channel when Toddlers are around.

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