Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Oh hey, did you know that McDonalds is giving away coffee for free from March 1-14?

How nice of them!

As reported at redflagdeals.com you can get free coffee all day long at McDonalds from yesterday onwards to the middle of the month.

Oh wait, Tim Hortons just started roll up the rim to win! Ah, but McDonalds claims that this has NOTHING TO DO WITH roll up the rim. They say its because of the olympics. Uhhh, yeah right.

Look, McDonalds, let me peek at your inter company memos and emails. If you really are only doing this just to celebrate the olympics, then your memos should state that, but you know you're lying*. You are totally obviously fucking lying so stop it. Just stop.

McDonalds sees Tim Hortons as its number one competitor in Canada, and rightfully so. But stop fucking lying about your intentions, McDonalds. You're the Microsoft of fast food.

Liar Liar pants on fire. Cause I just spilled my free McDonalds coffee on it.
* - This blog post is clearly for humour purposes only. Any insinuation of lying or malfeasance are done in jest and mockery only. one full serving of Reed Solomon's blog contains over 9000 calories.

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