Friday, February 03, 2012

Sals downtown locations

It used to be the case that there were 3 Salisbury house restaurants in the immediate downtown vicinity. One at the bus depot, one by the mts centre, and one at the medical arts building. Now only the medical arts location remains and they close really early. Its kind of sad, but you have to go to the forks or down St Mary's Ave right across the bridge. I wonder what the impetus was. Is the bridge location more expensive to run? Possibly. Were the downtown locations attracting an undesirable clientele? Probably. Still, I find it interesting. I don't remember seeing any commentary at the time. I went to the one on goulet once... not appealing at the time. Never returned.


Anonymous said...

Ask The Air Canada employees where all the downtown Sal's went.

One Man Committee said...

I don't get how Sal's stays in business. You can get a better burger and fries for less money at McDonalds, and the typical Sals is about as unpleasant an environment in which to eat as I think you're going to find outside of prison (the Esplanade Riel one excepted - that one is pretty nice). So what's their secret?!?