Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Manitoba Hydro Power Outrage

What's with all the power outages this week, Manitoba Hydro? You guys had such a great track record and all of a sudden two huge outages in less than a week. Obviously I have 3 battery backups, and can post to my blog with my tethered MTS phone, but really, whats going on?

You'd think Manitoba Hydro could use their website front page to let people know about any issues currently happening. Do they think it looks bad if they advertise the fact that they have outages? Honestly now.

Shaw internet went down as well. Which I found surprising. I thought they had their network set up with a battery backup. Ah well, that's why having a backup is always a good thing. Good job MTS Wireless. Now I wonder how their DSL internet/TV solution handles power outages. Might perhaps be a reason to switch.

The worst thing about battery backups though is the beeping. I obviously know theres a power outage and I'm on battery backup. Shut the hell up. Why can't you turn that option off? You're wasting precious power on the beeping.

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illegalsmile said...

My UPS saved me again today (tues feb 7), good to have for sure. Bet I was the only kid on the block with internet haha.

Got out of work 12 noon fri feb 3, due to a power out,,,,NO complaints there lol.....thanks MBhydro :)

But like You said, I would appreciate an explanation, or at least a guesstimate.