Sunday, February 05, 2012

Giants Win!

I never root for New York, but this year I did. For what I think is the fourth year in a row I've rooted for the winning team. Watch me actually place a bet next year and lose. That's how it always goes.

It was pretty good. It's odd to think Madonna had not done the Superbowl halftime show before. Still it was one of the more entertaining half time spectacles, if only for the interesting acrobatics. I'm not liking Madonnas new single, but then who is? She spelled Love wrong too. What is she, a Sweethearts candy heart?

Baby don't hurt me.

It was a pretty close game right down to the end. The last few years I watched the commercials from the US feed. This year I watched it in High Def on CTV using my PVR. I hate the Canadian commercials.. Though obviously some of the US commercials air in Canada like the Avengers movie promo.. which looks good. Also I can't put off reading the Hunger Games any longer I guess. I figured I'd put up with the horrible commercials for CTV shows and other nonsense for the high def. But it really dampens the Superbowl experience. It was kind of nice being able to watch the American feeds in high def in previous years. I wish we received the American channels in Winnipeg like some people in Southern Ontario, Quebec, and BC are able to.

Anyways, to all the smug New England Patriots fans and pundits who thought this year was a sure thing... NA NA NA NA NA NAAAA NA NA NA NA NA NAAA.


bwalzer said...

There was a pretty good superbowl feed with the US commercials on Ku band free to air satellite this year.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Is NBC available on Ku band FTA? Or was it a wild feed? If I had known, I might have took the trouble to set it up :)

bwalzer said...

Wild feed. I found out about it here:

Actual NBC HD network feeds are available on Ku but NBC sends the sound in three separate streams which means that whatever stream you pick the audio will be incomplete.

Ku band:

C band: