Monday, May 02, 2011

A post In which I prognosticate the politicical possibilities

Well I decided to vote NDP. I live in Kildonan - St. Paul so fat lot of good that'll do for anybody, but what the heck. Good luck to Jack Layton and whatserface that I voted for.

Based on my voting NDP, I have to assume that the election results will be CON:64 LIBS:18 NDP:9001, BLOC:3 and GREEN:1 and OTHER:1. Leading to a Jack Layton majority, and puppies and "free" candy and full release massages for everybody. Except corporations. They get to clean out their desks on Friday.

Seriously, I have no idea what is going to happen. I do like the premise that if the NDP actually pull off an upset they'll actually do something about election reform. That'd be nice.

I don't like how Stephen Harper has taken that he's going to win for granted. I don't like his painted on grin. I don't like how he claims he has anything to do with fiscal responsibility when all evidence points to the contrary.

John Kerry Michael Ignatieff.. I applaud you for going into politics. I don't know why you did, you had a good job and no reason to bother, but hey, you gave it your best and failed utterly. It's not your fault. Now you know you lack charisma. Stephen Harper does too, but he doesn't act like he thinks he has any. He at least knows he's a robot.

Green Party.. I hope you can win a seat for once. You keep your chins up!

Realistically though, I think the NDP vote won't materialize. It's probably all internet hype. Its like all those people who say "Yeah man, I'm going to your facebook meetup!" Then 2 people show up out of 2000 who said they would. I hope I'm wrong. I just want to see the smug look punched out of Stephen Harpers fake face.

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