Monday, May 02, 2011

A Section for Election Reflections

Well that election turned out like my last Lotto Max ticket. Complete shit for me, but I'm not especially surprised. Man Liberals are idiots. Ontario.. way to give Harper the keys to your wallet. I hope he shows some more fiscal prudence than he has shown in the last few years. I also hope he doesn't sell out this country at every opportunity to every American Lobbyist that knocks on his door. I hope his party sticks to its commitment to put their foot down on anything resembling UBB on the part of internet service providers. But I sincerely doubt he will. I want to believe he'll actually live up to the ideals espoused by conservatives. If he doesn't, in four years the NDP could take over.

I am surprised Rod Bruinooge won so handidly. I thought it'd be closer. I'm surprised nobody outside of Quebec knows how to vote strategically.

For once I'm glad Quebec is around to keep things interesting. Maybe Stephen Harper will stop trying to buy Quebec's vote now that he knows its impossible.

I'm not so disappointed in the Conservatives winning so much in how they won. It kills me that such a by the books campaign can win. Are people so easy to manipulate, so numb to critical thinking?

Though lets be realistic. He got 39% of the vote. IF there were runoffs, would things be different? Probably so. Maybe the Liberals can consider that now that they're in third place once again.

I am glad that we won't have to put up with the freakin Bloc Quebecois nonsense all the time. It's a shame, because Gilles Duceppe is an intelligent man and if he used his powers less obstructively he could have achieved a lot more.

In any case, should be an interesting four years. Stephen Harper gets his majority.. but I think it's more tenuous than he knows. People are certainly watching for him to screw up and take advantage of the majority to become as corrupt as the Liberals have been. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Now we'll never switch out of the antiquated first-past-the-post system to IRV, and yes Broondouche is a huge commerce student, a realtor amoung realtors... but I'm not bitter.