Friday, April 29, 2011


To Companies like Sony that think they can do whatever they feel like to whoever they want

I don't think it is a good idea to make people who are good with computers mad at you. Especially when you are in a business that uses computers, and especially when you are apparently grossly unqualified to use a computer, nevermind trust with the personal credit card information of thousands? millions of paying users.

So someone finds a master key that allows them to use Linux (or whatever) on a device they purchased from you, and you use a stupid law to shut them down, have the cyber police raid their house and sue them. You think you are entirely justified in your actions because you are insane. But you, sir, are not a Honey Badger. You cannot take hundreds of Bee Stings and a cobra bite and just shrug it off. You are a company that lives and dies by being able to continue to sell something. Trust is important, and your stupidity has endangered that trust.

I am not good with computers. Sure I can compile a linux kernel or write a shell script, and I probably know more than you, sony lawyers and executives. However I am not stupid enough to stir up a hornets nest.

Was it the group calling themselves anonymous who hacked your shit? They did say they were going to get you. I am continuously surprised and amused by their creativity. I wouldn't doubt it if it were them. But you did this to yourselves. You acted like spoiled selfish bullies, and you finally got punched back and now you're bleeding all over the playground cement. I have no sympathy.

I am lucky in that I have never used your playstation service. Others are not. You waited a week to reveal this information. Why? People are suing you, and justifiably so. Well done, geniuses. Well done.

The world will never improve if the only people running the governments of the western world are CEO's and lawyers. Idiots.

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