Monday, May 16, 2011

Cell Phone legislation in Manitoba

Quebec has had cell phone legislation for a while now. Manitoba regulators, seemingly looking at the pure consumer rage in the cell phone space, and the inability of the cell phone industry "competition" to come to any solutions, asked for comments about what people think about the cell phone industry and whether it needs regulation.

Results of the probe indicate that Manitoban's desire this legislation. Manitobans generally do not like the cell phone companies their contracts and BS, and in fact wish to hurt the cell phone companies.. and go on.. hurting them. And bury them alive in the center of a dead planet.

The mobile phone industry for their part believe that the free market and self regulation are sufficient and are greatly against provincial regulation. Only one consumer respondent was on their side. Only one. The cell phone industry believes that regulation would be costly, ineffective, and hamper business innovation. Unfortunately for them, it already is costly, ineffective, and lacks business innovation. (Unless you define business innovation as finding new ways to screw the consumer, which they almost certainly do)

For the most part I agree in the concept of the free market and I dislike government over-regulation. But screw the cell phone companies. Screw Rogers, F%@K Bell, F*@k Telus. You made your bed. Y'all done goofed, and the consequences will be interesting.

*I left MTS out because they were supportive of the legislation, and have really been impressing me lately.. but if you have any lingering hatred of MTS for past wrongdoings, I do sympathize.

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Winnipeg Girl said...

I think of MTS as the devil I know.