Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whats to be done with all of this DiHydrogen Monoxide

One thing about the flood situation that makes me angry is all the abuse heaped on Manitoba's flood fighting specialists. You are NOT an expert. THEY are. I understand there are a decent amount of people who are angry and frustrated and looking for someone to blame or to vent on. People are even saying that Greg Sellinger might lose because of this issue. He may just lose anyways, but I doubt it will be because of the flood. I doubt anyone could have handled it any differently anyways. People always seem to thank God when good things happen, and blame humanity when bad things do.

Some people are saying that communication could have been better. Perhaps so, but it's interesting to me that with all the communication available to me I'm less informed on a local level than I ever have been. How often do I check the city of Winnipeg's website? How often do I check my mail and filter our the junk from important information? Do I get text messages or email from the city of Winnipeg? that's opt-in, as well. I don't often buy the newspapers so I never get informed that way. My phone numbers are unlisted.. And these are mostly rural people. Even less communication available to them. Should we or do we have some sort of radio station to inform people about various situations in Manitoba? What would be a good solution? It's easy to complain, but I'm genuinely intrigued by the fact that it has become so difficult to spread genuine information. Disinformation spreads as rapidly as ever, however.

This is unprecedented flood levels on the Assiniboine. Hopefully we make it out with minimal damage, and learn from it and adjust accordingly. I personally think it's amazing how well the flood protection is operating already. And I want to say good job to all involved, the volunteers, engineers, the army, and even the inmates helping with the sandbagging. When push comes to shove sometimes instead of getting depressed by humanity I actually feel a bit uplifted. It's nice.

Also, I hope all those farmers end up getting bumper crops in the next couple of years thanks to all that fertile sediment deposit.

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