Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ross Eadie City Council candidate for Mynarski Ward

I got a pamphlet from Ross Eadie today. His five commitments to the people of Mynarski:

1) Crime reduction and Safer Neighbourhoods
How? More Cops? Give all the criminals jobs working for the NDP?
2) Fair Taxes
Fair to who? Probably not homeowners, that's for sure.

3) Infrastructure Renewal and Maintenance

Okay. No snarky remark to this one from me.

4) Traffic Safety Innovations

Like what? Cars made of soft foam? Bike Paths? Busses that constantly emit a horribly loud beeping noise to tell people "HERE COMES THE BUS"?

5) More Progressive Ideas for Winnipeg


Then it goes on to say "As a school trustee Ross promoted the subdivision of surplus land resulting in more income from the sales which financed better facilities at the new West Kildonan Collegiate".. except of course this was all done in a very sketchy manner and from what I hear was illegal.

he is also a "Veteran participant in ongoing active transportation and street access consultations".. well, I haven't personally been impressed by how active transportation has been going about doing things, so that one is a big miss for me.

"Appointed to the City of Winnipeg Library, Forward Thinking Steering Committee".. which I think means he showed up and they said "oh, hello, wanna be on a committee?".. but, I support libraries so theres that, though I miss the quiet reading room at the West Kildonan Library and haven't been there really since they removed it for useless open space. I'll assume it was all Ross Eadie's idea and I shall give him a negative mark on this one. I'm not basing this on any actual evidence, I just really miss the reading room and someone has to take the fall.

"Appointed to the Residential Tenancies Commission" .. from the provincial website: "Landlords and tenants may appeal orders and decisions issued by the Residential Tenancies Branch. The commission hears these appeals. Appeals are heard by a panel of three consisting of one landlord and one tenant representative and either the chief commissioner or a deputy commissioner as the neutral chairperson." A Simple google search shows he was a tenant representative, and eventually resigned. Now, certainly, tenants have a right to be represented in such disputes, and someone has to do it, but to be honest personally I feel landlords concerns don't get enough consideration in this city and it is sometimes the reason they're unable to evict certain individuals, and why things can't be done to make the first step to move forward commitment number one. I think that representing the tenant is the easy route. Not knocking this, but not particularly impressed by it.

anyways, he's clearly been on a lot of committees. I myself am on zero committees. Man I wish I had that sort of time. In any case, he seems like an okay guy who means well, but I just can't bring myself to vote for him. The minute the NDP started supporting candidates at the civic level is the minute I decided not to vote for said candidates. I'd do the same if the Conservatives or Liberals blatantly supported someone's campaign. Party Politics might be a necessary evil provincially and federally, but I despise them and anyone who tries to pollute the civic elections with them should be shunned.

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Anonymous said...

This article is dead on.

Hopefully Ross won't win on Wed. otherwise we'll all have to move!