Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congratulations Mayor Katz

Well, Sam Katz won, which everybody except the Winnipeg Free Press pollsters predicted. I myself voted for him, as I am a strong proponent of his get tough on youth crime strategy by kicking kids in the face before they even think of joining gangs. That said, I am disappointed in the NDP for bringing party politics into the election. I have voted NDP in the past, and even though Ross Eadie won in Mynarski, I feel there is enough of a taint on the whole situation that hopefully there are repercussions for his rumoured actions. I was surprised that all of the school trustees won by acclimation in Mynarski. Maybe I should have put my name in just for fun. Everyone knows they always win by Eenie Meenie Miney Moe anyways.

Interesting to see Thomas Steen win. And it was fairly close, too. I hope he's able to make a difference in the way he desires.

I hope Katz realizes that he does not have to appease all of those bike lobby type people. They clearly didn't vote for him, their ideas are mostly nonsensical (have you seen those stupid "roundabouts"?) and could have cost him the election. He needs to get either Bus rapid transit or LRT moving, he needs to make public what the whole situation is with this Violia company, and he needs to get more police out there putting real criminals in jail for a long time. Not sitting at photo radar traps irritating the public or wasting time "policing" the zombie walk.. if they were real zombies, they would get infected, so its a hazard, and since they're not real, there is no danger to the general public despite the potential 4 or 5 frightened religious born again senior citizens scared out of their wits that the end times have come and they've been left behind.

Anyways, its more of the same at city hall, but lets hope its not.

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