Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Canon Cameras

Sadly, if you're buying a digital camera, why buy anything else? I've owned 2 Canons, I've used Kodaks and Panasonics and Sony's, and my most recent camera was a fuji. But Canon is somehow the best. And they know it.

I have a Canon SD780IS, and its pretty sweet, runs the open source (Im pretty sure, anyways) CHDK firmware add on, which allows you to do crazy things like zoom in while filming a movie, shooting in raw mode, time lapse photography, and other scripted things like motion sensing for lightning shots (gonna have to try that out next summer)..

Anyways, my mom recently bought the Canon SD3500IS, which is also pretty sweet. It does NOT run the CHDK firmware at this time, but theoretically it should be possible for a programmer to do it. It is a pretty sweet camera, I just played with it for 10 minutes showing my mom how to use it, and once you get used to the large touch screen and swiping motions, using buttons is kinda lamentable. I hope for once she has found a camera where she can use it without pestering me for help.

In any case, I bet Canon is going to go heavy into the touch screen interface in the coming years. It seems like the right direction to move into.

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